Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hello and welcome to Savvy Pooch!

     We are happy you decided to shop with us today!

      We are a family-owned and operated pet apparel business. 
 Its me, Austina and my mother, Marcia.  
 We just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dogs (AND cat's too!)
  I, (Austina) am the proud parent of THREE Toy Poodles and one cat. (They truly are my children).
 Wow! As if "having a houseful of furry-kids" wasn't enough work for me...(an awesome kind of work),  :)  I still felt in my ♥ , that I needed to do something more.  Something..."BIG!"
So, here's a little analogy for you, that I came up with...
Question:  "If you were to take a majorly creative girl, who is an animal-lover, and add a "splash of fashionista"...What would you get?"
Pet Apparel Designer!
Yep, you (may have) guessed it right! That is I!
 So, "as my wheels kept on spinning", I decided in that moment of my "creative bliss"... I was going to, "grab my phone and call-up my mom" and "pitch" to her, my "BIG" idea. (Yep, I am grown and still want my mother's opinion).
Although I figured this "BIG" idea would happen solely by me, boy, was I pleasantly wrong!
 She took a little bit of "precious time" to agree on taking this new journey with me, but to my "happy surprise", she ended-up right on board!  Whew!
Honestly, the decision to create beautiful pet clothes together, along with the opening of our new business together, was quite simple!  (I did make it seem difficult, didn't I?)  Sorry mom, I love you!♥
So now, without further a-do, we welcome ALL pet parents, dogs and cats alike, to Savvy Pooch!
Have fun!  Take a look around!  If there's anything that you want, but don't see on our Blog, please let us know and we would be more than happy to help you find it!

Happy Shopping!

Austina and Marcia

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